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  1. MadisonWelch
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    Thank you for sharing the good news
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    Originally Posted by Seeker47 View Post
    (I had not previously associated the LG name with being in the forefront of much of anything.)
    Samsung and LG are the leaders in TV technology now. Sony's new OLED TVs are supposed to be very good according to reports from CES 2017, but Sony is buying their OLED panels from LG now. Samsung is working on better QLED (quantum dot LED) panels instead of trying to improve its OLED process.

    LG is the only company so far that has a manufacturing process for its OLED panels which produces a sufficient number without defects to be profitable. The manufacturing process for the other types of OLED panels that Sony and Samsung developed themselves yielded too many defective panels.

    LG's 2017 OLED TVs are indeed an improvement over their 2016 OLED TVs, particularly with respect to HDR, but the price for the new OLED models that are in the stores now is outrageous. The least expensive is $3500, and the most expensive set is $8000. LG also has a new line of UHD LED TVs using its new Nano Cell technology to compete with Samsung's 2017 UHD QLED models.
    Last edited by usually_quiet; 24th Mar 2017 at 14:45. Reason: Removed quantum dot backlighting. The LG's technology is called "Nano Cell".
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    Thanks for that update, and filling in the blanks.

    (LG also makes refrigerators, washing machines, etc. Most of which I had passed on, when making comparisons and purchase decisions. But it is interesting to see how they've advanced with the TVs -- price considerations aside.)
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