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  1. I use WMC to record OTA tv. Is there any way to have the video converted simultaneous to being recorded in a smaller file size instead of converting it after the fact? From what I understand the video is coming through in MPEG2 and h.264 would only be in the future. Or is there some other way to get this recorded differently without something as expensive as the silicondust devices? Apparently they do this somehow. Thanks for any info.
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    Assuming you are recording DVB: Recording it in the broadcasted format is simple and fast. Converting it in realtime may be possible (not knowing though if it is possible in WMC, or rather in different tools like VLC), but in general not recommendable, because when the conversion is fast enough to work in realtime, it will probably be in a low quality, so you will lose an obvious amount of visual quality. Converting without noticable quality loss may often take longer than realtime (depending on many factors, of course).
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