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  1. I need to do the following with Avisynth:

    1. Load a video file
    2. Apply 6 HLSL shaders in order (e.g. bloom.hlsl, sharpen.hlsl, anglecorrect.hlsl ...)
    3. Save the result to a new video file

    The plugin below is supposed to make this possible:

    I have never used Avisynth before so I am a bit lost...

    Can anyone show me an Avisynth example script that does this?

    Thank You All Very much!

    - Shaderman
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  2. People might want to quickly look at the identical post over at so that they don't waste their time giving advice that has already been given:

    Applying HLSL Shaders To Video With Avisynth?

    Most forums have rules against cross-posting within that forum, but there is nothing wrong with posting the same thing in completely different forums. However, it is probably a good idea to let people know about the other posts so that they can add to what has already been posted elsewhere, rather than kill a bunch of time giving out the same advice that the OP has already received.
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