The yearly looking into mpv as an alternative for mplayer/mencoder is on my todo today.

And I'm wondering:
a. Is there an alternative to mplayers '--identify' on Windows ?
mplayer -v -msglevel identify=6 -vo null -ao null -frames 0"F:\test\test.avi"
It seems like this can be done somehow with '--term-playing-msg', but I got now clue how to use that properly,...

b. is there an alternative to:
mencoder -lavdopts threads=8 -really-quiet -of rawvideo -o - -ovc raw -noskip -vf scale,format=i420 -forcedsubsonly -nosub -nosound -mc 0 "F:\test\test.avi"
decoding content, filtering it (in this case the conversion to i420) and outputting the content as raw video which I could pipe to x264&Co?

Cu Selur