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  1. Need a program which can show livevideo of a book-page for reading-purpose.
    No we dont yet have a vertical screen. we will rotate a 24" anyway...
    actually we are on a 27" screen. image should be as big as possible.
    the problem ist: microsoft livecam-program does only show a small window.
    Maybe a better webcam is advised.
    Zoooming with scrollwheel would be most comfortable.

    Thanks a lot
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    You might look at VLC player.

    It has a lot of options and I believe it can be set to capture and/or
    display a video stream from the Internet or a probably a video feed.

    It can use keyboard keys for zoom.

    But other members may have better suggestions.
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  3. VLC Player i know a bit. maybe a better solution than MS livecam
    It seems its solved. I am absent from that PC.
    I wondered why resolution is so low.
    And my friend found that out himself..... image is now 38cm wide which is enough.
    Should have known as photographer...
    on the other hand:
    we want to buy another webcam. one as webcam/skype and second as book-reader.
    does anything speak against a second identical Microsoft LIVEcam? Thanks
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