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    I'm sure this has been discussed at some point here, but I'm wondering does anyone know which is the best way (or best software to use) to convert, as well as merge, AVCHD files to a suitable format to be converted to DVD?. At the moment I'm using Video to Video v.2.9. Seems a pretty decent converting programme with lots of available options to convert various formats to, but I'm a little unsure of what format is the best one to use to convert .mts (and a considerable amount too at 1920x1080) files that can be encoded into DVD format, with minimal quality loss and file size. I've tried mp4 format using the highest quality setting, audio bitrate at 320 and have adjusted the video size.

    There is quite a number of files that I am wanting to convert (around 30) in one go, which initially seems quite alot, but each file isn't particularly long just that they are quite large file sizes. I want to convert enough of them so that they will fit onto a disc without wasting disc space. At the moment I am merging the files together into one using the "Merge Video files" option under "Tools".

    Any help would be appreciated.
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  2. Are you trying to author a DVD or just saving compressed files to a DVD?

    If wanting to author, check the HD->DVD link in my signature.
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    You might try AVStoDVD if you want DVD compliant files.

    If I'm just making a DVD/BD data disk, I use MKV H.264/AC3 format
    and VidCoder most times. My BD set top player handles them with no problem.
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