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  1. Is there a tool that can jump to a dialog scene with no subs? E.g. I have a SRT file but it's missing translation in about 50 places scattered throughout a 2 hrs film. There are say 1100 lines in the SRT file but I know there should be 1150. So instead sitting a film through waiting for spoken lines with no translation, is there any tool with a function that can somehow automatically recognize and find such instances when called upon?
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  2. It will take you far less time to scrub through the film at double or triple speed to find the missing pieces than to find software, install it, figure out how to use it, double check for errors and change the subtitles manually anyway.
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  3. Well, since there was no other suggestions I indeed had to do it manually in the end. Borefest, but what can you do, thanks anyway
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