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  1. Hi,

    I wanted to download subtitles file of this video -

    I used Adblock plus extension in Firefox to download the subtitles file. Here's what I did -

    I played the video and clicked on the CC button and chose English, then I clicked "Open Blockable Items" from Adblock plus extension and then entered different keywords in Search like - captions,cc,subtitle,srt,sub,dfxp etc etc.. but nothing gave me subtitles file.

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  2. I used youtube-dl no problem to download the video. However, when I tried to use youtube-dl to download the subtitles using methods here:
    I failed to be able to download the subtitles.
    I used different versions of Firefox and Chrome to watch the video. Some browsers/versions would not even show the subtitles. Then I used Firefox 44. That displayed the subtitles. I used Firefox Developer>web console> network. I started the video and turned on the subtitles. I looked in the network analyzer and found this vtt file (see screenshot) which I highlighted in blue:
    You can use that to download the subtitles.
    Note #1: the subtitles seem about 0.5 seconds early everywhere. This is easily corrected with free subtitle software.
    Note #2: I was also able to get the subtitle download link with Firefox 44 and Adblocker Plus. Just search for vtt in the Adblocker Plus search box.
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  3. okay .. many thanks
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