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    Hi All,

    I own the following equipment:

    Sharp LC40LX700E LED TV with Aquos Link
    Sony HT-XT2 Soundbase
    Phillips DVP2980 DVD Player

    The TV, albeit now 8 years old, is fully equiped with Aquos Link (sharps name for CEC/ARC) on all 4 HDMI ports. The DVD player and the soundbase are new.
    The problem I am having is that the Aquos link works, but not reliably. Sometimes when I open the input selection screen on the tv the inputs are automatically recognised and instead of just HDMI 1 and HDMI 2, there is writte XT2 and Phillips DVD. The DVD and Sony soundbase are then controllable with just the TV remote. There are times however where the Aquos link does not work at all (however the video and audio are still ok, namely I can still watch a dvd) and I have to use separate remote controls for controlling the dvd player, changing volume on the soundbase etc.

    I have checked all connections.
    I have swapped HDMI ports.
    I know the settings are correct on the tv because the aquos link does work sometimes!!
    I have tried all combinations of which order the separate units are switched on.

    This is my first experience with HDMI CEC and it is driving me a bit crazy!

    Any help which could be offered would be appreciated!

    Many thanks in advance
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    Check for any hardware firmware updates. It's likely just a glitch as the ARC versions are not the same. Or could just be a glitch from mixing hardware brands. I don't know that there is a simple fix such as enter the config and enable "x". Someone else may have more accurate information.
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