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  1. Hi. My trusty MeGUI can't handle a wmv file. Just doesn't seem to like it. Using AvsPmod, I've been able to script all the trims I want and here's my question (sorry if it's daft): can AvsPmod run the script? According to posts 2 and 3 of this thread:
    it can, but I don't see anything in the tabs...

    If AvsPmod is not capable then I'd like to try this suggestion of jagabo's:
    Could someone expand on the actual procedure, please?

    My thanks.
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    Use this version: AvsPmod 2.5.1-build "r452"

    Within AvsPmod in the Options menu> Associate .avs files with Avsp> restart AvsPmod.

    Run the script in Megui, FFMPEG, Mencoder, VirtualDub and any program that supports .avs files.

    That's all.
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  3. Thanks, but I've sorted it out. Using MeGUI's File Indexer on the wmv gave me 'L-SMASH Works' as default. From that point on it was clear there was a problem. So I changed to FFMSIndex and, despite a warning that it's intended for mkv, avi, mp4 and flv, everything went fine.
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