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  1. Hi:
    In Linux I use Kaffeine to watch and record ATSC TV. It is nice and easy to use. I am looking for a simple program similar to that for Windows. I know there are things like Media Portal but I found they would fail when you really wanted to use them most.(due to they complexity)
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    I have never tried Kaffiene, so I have no basis for comparison.

    I have tried NextPVR for ATSC and it worked well enough for that. The easiest option for guide service is Schedules Direct, which costs $25/year. However, if you have a Windows 7 PC, I'd recommend Windows Media Center instead. Setup is easier and it comes with free guide service. If you have a Hauppauge ATSC TV tuner, many come bundled with WinTV. A free program guide is provided via TitanTV.
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  3. Oh right most people won't know what Kaffeine is since it's exclusive to Linux.(I dual-boot)

    So what I am looking for is something simple and relatively lightweight, think Media Player Classic if it could tune ATSC television.

    I don't need a TV guide, I have free ones and can get online.

    I will give NextPVR a try.(I have a feeling a tried before)

    I have a Hauppauge TV tuner but since I bought it at the equivalent of a thrift store I don't have the software for it. The drivers are free but the software you have to pay for. Since I can reboot into Linux to use it(although this is sometimes inconvenient), it's not worth paying for anything to get it too work.
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  4. NextPVR seems easy enough to use. Thank you .
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