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    I captured several hours of Hi8 and VHS-C home video tapes some years ago into a program called Magix Movie Editor.
    They are currently stored in a proprietary format MXV, and I'd like to export everything to AVI in order to migrate away from this program.

    I'm looking for advise on which settings to use for this export. I want to export using the best quality that's reasonable to use without incurring unnecessary loss of quality, storage size is not an issue. The plan is to export everything to AVI for archiving, and later run a script in order to make compressed MPEG-2 copies or similar. Will probably have to do some lip sync correction on some of the takes later.

    These are the capture settings that were used:
    - Resolution 720 x 576
    - Aspect ratio 4:3
    - 25 FPS

    For the AVI export I assume I'll just use the same settings, 720x576, 4:3 and 25 FPS?

    The avaiable codecs I can choose from are:
    Microsoft RLE
    Microsoft Video 1
    Intel IYUV codec
    Cinepak Coded by Radius

    My understanding is that Intel IYUV codec is the most raw/lossless of these and thus the best option?

    In terms of audio settings I can choose from the following (2D chosen by default)
    - Standard (2D)
    - Side-by-side
    - Side-by-side (cross)
    - Anaglyph

    Do not write audio data into video file Y/N? (No chosen by default)

    Is it better to have a separate sound file for videos with lip sync issues for later correction?

    In terms of bitrate I can choose anything from 8000 hz up to 48 000 hz.

    Interlace (Progressive is chosen by default)
    - Progressive
    - Bottom field first
    - Top field first

    - Apply anti-interlace filter (suppresses flickering) Y/N ? (No is chosen by default)

    When I make a copies to a compressed format like MPEG-2 later, what are the highest settings that can be justified for the source of these tapes (Hi8 and VHS-C)?

    I really appreciate any feedback on this as I'm confident that the expertise on this board severely outweighs my ability to find optimal settings.
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    Looks like you are getting the VFW codes for AVI export. I would install a lossless codec (Lagarith, for instance) and see if it comes up in the list. The files will be big, but you will have best quality. What you want to avoid is re-encoding what's already encoded in your Magix files. I have no idea what those audio options mean — they look like 3D settings. The best thing is to export uncompressed LPCM for audio and you might as well put it in the AVI file because tools like VirtualDub can resync it later. If you are able to use a lossless codec, then keep the interlacing because you can do a better job deinterlacing with other tools after export.
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