Anyone els get this glitch where sometimes the sound on a video being streamed is some how brought into a sound loop where the it continues changing on its own after you adjust it? almost as if there are two sets of volume tracks at play and the one setting that should be active switches to your other setting profile. (especially sporadically induced as a possible trigger). I am not sure what the triggers are, but you can imagine it like you're aggressively trying to change the volume when a video has possibly not loaded completely or some other unknown trigger.

And a lot of times once it starts it continues changing the volume up and down (in and out sounding?) for sometimes even after changing the video and reloading the page.

This has been a less frequent event but it still happens once in a while. Ever since windows 8 it started. Its especially annoying when you cant watch or listen to music for a moderate duration of time without it annoyingly increasing and decreasing itself.

I never mentioned this as I have not felt clear enough in understanding this, much less explaining it to others. So excuse this poorly written thread and maybe it will catch a couple eyes if im lucky .