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  1. Hi everyone.
    I'm unable to connect to this website, since a couple of days.Freemake is one of the best A/V free softwares on the market.
    Anybody knows something about this.
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  2. When the site is down, this site usually works as a replacement:
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    Originally Posted by Roméo Latour View Post
    Freemake is one of the best A/V free softwares on the market.
    Not at all. And it's just a frontend gui for ffmpeg and x264.
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    • Without any way to know who that Google Drive folder actually belongs to, I'm hesitant to trust the files in it.
    • That's not a "replacement" for the freemake site. All that folder does is provide a few installation files for download. It's useless if what you really need is software support.
    • Freemake is indeed an excellent downloader for youtube videos, but that's all it's good for. That doesn't make it one of the best software on the market. If you need editing or encoding software, there are other free programs that are far better than freemake.
    • Actually, there IS one other thing freemake is good for, or rather good at, and that is trying very aggressively to get you to buy their paid version.
    • And last but not least, the freemake site is working fine. I haven't had any trouble at all accessing it.
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