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  1. I download a video form web. when I use pc players such as potplayer or vlc the quality is low (see below image):

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    when I play the same video file in the browser using jwplayer, quality is much better(below image):
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    My question is: How can I enhance video quality for this case using desktop players such as potplayer or vlc ?

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    What is the video type?
    Google is your Friend
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  3. Turn on/off DxVA in potplayer.
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  4. Chances are you have some image enhancing stuff enabled in your video card's control panel, or there's some image enhancing stuff enabled in Potplayer. Although it does seem odd both VLC and Potplayer would look bad in exactly the same way (I don't think video card settings effect VLC).

    I downloaded your second image, made a little h264 video out of it, initialised Potplayer's settings, selected VMR9 as the renderer (hardware decoding doesn't work with EVR on XP so I have to use VMR9) and gave it a test drive.

    Click image for larger version

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  5. I don't have too much experience, but a few questions came to me. Maybe all in all it's not a problem of a software player, but a difference of quality of video (kbps etc) you compare, between the stream played online and the stream you downloaded. They might be quite different. Actually they probably are - PotPlayer or VLC can play only what "phisically" is on your drive. They can enhance quality a bit, but they can't change it from SD to HD. Stream online can depend on for example how good your broadband is. So the questions are:
    - what is the website you download the videos?
    - what is the program/addon you use to do it?
    - can it detect/download streams of different qualities for the same video? (some of them are kindda hidden)
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