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  2. Following advice I've received on this board in the past, I get better quality results for my 'square pixel' files by resizing to 1024 x 576, rather than downsizing the 576 to 404.

    I think you may also need to consider the problems you can get trying to resize interlaced footage, which many (most?) DVD files are.

    I'm afraid I can't comment on the best way to do that... I always de-interlace first, resize and re-encode using x.264 to create a new mp4 version of my files for 'square pixel' replay....

    There are some very expert members her on this board who will hopefully be able to advise on the best way to resize interlaced footage.....
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    when talking about non-square pixel dvds it's the horizontal pixels that are rectangular. so the preferred method to convert to square pixels is to re-encode the horizontal to square and leave the already square vertical pixels alone. pal leave at 576 and convert the 720 to 1024 for 16/9. if the widescreen movie was 2.35 or other formats you can crop off the black top and bottom borders.
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  4. I agree with aedipuss. "Technically" it's better quality-wise to resize the width and leave the height alone. That's after cropping any black, so if Handbrake's auto-cropping removed 72 pixels top and bottom (as an example for a widescreen movie) you'd be left with 720x432 which you'd resize to 1024x432 for encoding.

    If the file sizes for a given encoding quality are too large for your liking though, resizing down a little can help. I'd prefer to resize down than reduce the quality too much. For a 16:9 DVD (no cropping) 1024x576 and 720x404 aren't the only choices (in fact I'd use 704x396 in preference to 720x404 as it's exactly 16:9). I resize to 960x540 quite a lot. Sometimes 832x468 if I want to keep the file size down.
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