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  1. Originally Posted by ciccioschumacher View Post
    Is there a way to make it a real HD?
    As others have said: you must be making a bad joke. That video is not even decent standard definition quality.
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  2. You can enlarge the frame while keeping sharp, smooth edges. But there's no detail between those edges. People look like mannequins (or worse), everything else looks like plastic, or a bad oil painting. This sort of technique works for cartoons but not well for real world video. Especially the extreme settings needed for badly damaged video.

    LSmashVideoSource("C:\Users\John\Downloads\F1 1994 Highlights.mp4")
    McTemporalDenoise(settings="low", AGstr=0.0) 
    MergeChroma(last, aWarpSharp(depth=20))
    nnedi3_rpow2(4, cshift="Spline36Resize", fwidth=1920, fheight=1080) 
    Although it's sharper than then original (when both are played full screen) it looks worse overall.
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    Last edited by jagabo; 13th Jan 2018 at 23:29.
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  3. Thank you so much, it seemed like a miracle with the highlights of '94! Now I would have a video even worse, and trying that script, I will not solve anything, would you have any advice?
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  4. Originally Posted by ciccioschumacher View Post
    Throw it away.
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    I used the script settings to the maximum, but still it was very blocking and the colors also need to be improved. Can someone help me?
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  6. You need to use a deblocking filter to remove blocks. LIke deblock_qed() at very high settings.
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  7. Thanks, and for the colors?
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  8. A little white balance with ConvertToRGB(matrix="pc.601").RGBAdjust(r=0.96, b=1.13).ConvertToYV12(matrix="PC.601"). Maybe turn the saturation down a bit. Convert to rec.709 if you're going to upscale.
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