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    It's because Microsoft's driver library has a driver for the TV2100 series, which are PAL and SECAM. It does not have a driver for the TV2000 NTSC versions. (Not that I've been able to find.)

    DriverMax and other driver finders mistakenly download and install the TV2100 driver for the TV2000 cards, and you get an Error 10 and no functioning video capture.

    Unless the TV2100 driver package can be hacked to support the TV2000 series, they aren't going to work with Windows newer than XP, especially not 64 bit versions.

    Seeing as how the tuners on the TV2000 and TV2100 are useless now, can the S-Video input of a TV2100 be switched by capture software to accept NTSC? If that can be done, problem solved by obtaining a TV2100 from somewhere that didn't use NTSC.

    Might it be possible to edit the INF files in the TV2100 driver to work with the TV2000 series? Any takers on that challenge? If the TV2100 uses a Conexant chip other than the Bt878, then I'd expect the possibility to be slim to none.
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    They wont work with newer windows because there are no updated drivers and will never be,no one will edit the drivers to work cause it takes too much work.
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