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  1. does anybody have one of these players that could take pictures of the laser deck and post them? My son has 2 of these and he changed the lasers on both and now the tray isn't responding correctly. They will come out but not go back in without being pushed in. I have a feeling he may not have put them back together correctly and if I had pics to look at maybe I could figure them out. Both are doing the exact same thing after the laser change and I didn't see the insides before he changed them. Or if you know of somewhere that I could go look at the pics, that would be great. Thanks
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    Its just cheaper to but new dvd players when they are $30 and lower,replacing lasers on them isn't worth it since you've seen the results
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  3. I get that, but I'm in the computer repair business and it's just something we're trying to do. It's really no different than changing a laser deck in a PS3, PS4, or an xbox but like I said I didn't see it before he took it apart. And this particular type of player is far different from most on the market as it has an hdmi port on it.
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