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  1. I bet this has been asked before and I read something about it but information remains blurry. I wan to denoise a bunch of movies, but I notice this wil go at the expense of sharpness. How do I retain or correct some sharpness after having de-noised a movie? I use either Handbrake or Avidemux. Also a friendly remainder that this is a newbie-section
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  2. Most de-noising filters are edge-aware and do not blur sharp edges (Handbrake's included). But they will blur away small, low contrast detail. There's not getting that back after noise removal.
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  3. You should read about "contrasharpening" .
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  4. Originally Posted by pandy View Post
    You should read about "contrasharpening" .
    Wow, super interesting but requires a lot of learning. First few scans on the internet provides a bit of a steep learning curve. Where should I start?
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