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  1. Hi, Hope everyone is well.

    I am new to here and I just made a video and it looks very impressive and awesome. I am wondering how to convert this video to 360 degree mode to put on VR headset for watching. Anyone know how to convert my video to vr 360 degree? Or do I need to make a new video by asking some company?

    Or can I install some software on my PC to help do that?
    Any experience? Really thanks for help!!
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    Is your video synthetic or did it come from a camera?
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    More, detailed info needed.

    Btw, almost NO cams or cam-combination rigs will directly output vr-ready formats natively (except on low end cheapo gimmick consumery stuff and high end pro gear).

    Otherwise, you take combinations of images/clips and STITCH them into vr-specific formats using speciality tools.

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