This Seiki is a small mini DVD player mostly found at Sears or Kmart stores ( just bought one at Kmart yesterday though the deck has a creation date of October 2014 )However the infamous 8520 code that their Bluray decks use does not work here. Trying a few things I noticed it has the same screen saver as my Philips DVD player dvp2800 which can also be made region free. That code did not work either. Finally tried the longer code for the Philips bdp3000 and bingo!

So with no disc in the machine turn it on

Hit the setup button
Now type in 1389
You will now see a screen showing firmware and other info.
On this screen use the remotes up and down arrows to cycle through dvd region codes 0-6, with 0 being region free. Once you
Cycle to the region you want, hit the enter key and exit setup. Enjoy

Machine keeps this info even when unlugged