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  1. I used the free Hola vpn:
    (on this public computer) to un-geoblock a CBC streaming video. Hola certainly did work. I was able to watch the video perfectly in the browser, otherwise I just got a message that the video could not be seen outside of Canada. My question is: If you have Hola installed, I understand the free Hola vpn routes peer traffic through your computer. Does that mean when your computer is just sitting there with no windows open, there is data running through? Or does one have to have the Firefox window open to have data running through? Is there any easy way to know how much data is running through? For example, if I compare free Hola to torrent, with torrent it is very easy to see how much peer data is running through the computer. It is also very easy to stop the data, simply by deleting the torrent, or exiting the torrent software.
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  2. Start Task Manager and watch your network stats. Or go to your router's statistics page and watch the traffic.
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