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  1. Using PotPlayer with LAV Audio Decoder, when I play a DTS-HD movie, I get the following:

    6 -> 8 Channels which is good
    However, the bit depth becomes 16 from 24.

    With DTS:

    6 -> 2 channels, I don't understand why? My RX-V681 reads DTS and I get sound on all 6 speakers.
    Bit Depth becomes 16 from 32, again I don't understand why.

    Here are my LAV Audio Decoder settings:

    My Audio Renderer in PotPlayer is set to Auto, but it happens if I change it as well.

    Can someone help me with this please? Thanks
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  2. Marsia Mariner
    You forgot to check the "Mixing" tab in the LAV Audio configuration applet.

    Also check whether PotPlayer is or is not doing some post-processing to LAV Audio's output.
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  3. Thanks, which exact setting do I need to check in Mixing? Also how do I check if PP is doing Post Processing? I disabled the following 2 options in PP:

    Video card is GTX680 btw, it supports up to 24 bit:

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  4. It could be because DTS-HD MA is lossy DTS core plus lossless extension.
    With lossy core there is no inherent bitdepth. LAV will decoder to 32 bit float unless disabled. The lossless extension in this case is only 16 bit. I assume that's where the difference comes from. Either that or the audio renderer does not accept e.g. 32 bit float. See LAV Audio's status while playing to see input and output format. Even if all formats are enabled it still can only send what the audio renderer accepts.
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  5. The same thing happens with TrueHD:

    In the LAV Status, this is what I get:


    DTS HD

    I'm not sure if I should get anything here... It says "Bitstreaming"
    Also, anything about why DTS becomes channels from 6?
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  6. Bitstreaming should mean the audio is being sent to your soundcard, or to your TV or over HDMi etc, in it's original digital format. It's not being decoded. It's probably being decoded further along the playback chain. Bitstreaming is enabled for all the DTS and Dolby formats in the LAV audio decoder configuration.

    I don't have a surround sound system due to how much surround sound sucks, so I'm not an expert, but the 6ch thing is shown under "Input", so it's probably nothing to worry about. How many channels can you hear?
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  7. Hearing all 6 channels and the receiver displays DTS/DTS-HD MA/TrueHD whenever I play the appropriate file. I just don't understand if something is lost on the way. Because the receiver will mix any incoming audio and play it on all available speakers, even if I send a stereo speaker. However, on the receiver OSD information menu I do see that the signal is DTS/DTS-HD/TrueHD with 5.1/7/1 channels.

    What baffles me most is why DTS says 6 -> 2 channels, and DTS-HD shows 6 -> 8 or 8 -> 8 in TrueHD...
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