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    Hey there. Well, I played this rock show with my band, and a friend recorded it with a camera and sent me the mp4 file of one of the songs on the set. Just for the record, the song is incomplete (it's missing a little bit of the beginning. And one of the guitar players recorded the set with a ZOOM Audio recorder and sent me the mp3 (he splitted the recording into several mp3 files, including the song that my other friend filmed). Needless to say, the audio from the ZOOM recorder is much better than the audio from the camera.

    What I wanna do is to replace the audio from the mp4 video file (recorded with the camera) with the mp3 audio recorded with the ZOOM device. The problem is that I will also have to edit the mp3 file to cut out the beginning of the song, and then sync it with the video file.

    What is the easiest way to do it? Can somebody help?

    Edit: Guess this belongs in the "newbie forum". Can a mod please delete this post? Sorry about posting here... My mistake.
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