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  1. Debut Video Capture Software (in the Software section) does a very good job of screen capturing any video on your computer. There is confusion about the basic free version and the trial version. See screenshot 1 and 2 red circles. The trial version worked for me about 2 hours and about 20 short video captures, before the software would no longer work unless I bought it. It is not clear what you get extra if you buy the software ($24-$40 depending on if you install the trial or not).
    One good thing about this software is that it installs and works on these Windows 10 public library computers. These computers have the sound disabled, so to solve this problem, I just plug a standard stereo cable from the computer headphone jack to the mic jack and set the headset volume (bottom right on taskbar) to about 50%. This cuts off the external mics in the computer, and the final capture sound is OK. If you have your own computer, you can just record the sound directly with the software. The software allows you to easily capture only the window that has the video. I reduced the size of the original stream window about 50%, thinking this would give smoother video by using less cpu power. I didn't test capturing the stream video when it was full screen. I have recorded a 30 second sample here:
    This sample came from here:
    posting number 4162
    No one was able to help the poster to download the video, so I experimented around with screen capture software.
    When you start the recording, you want to choose the "fast capture" option. This resulted in smoother video motion. I believe this option will always capture in avi format. Maybe somebody can clarify this, but my understanding is that capturing in avi uses less cpu power and therefore gives smoother video. You can always use a dedicated software to convert the avi into mp4.
    I uploaded the free version here (although you should be able to get it from the Software page, or the Developers website):
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