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    I record DVB-S/DVB-S2 satellite chans and the files are transport stream files. Sometimes the signal might get lost or some packets aren't error corrected and that results in some broken parts of the video. I've been using 'MPEG-2 TS packet analyser' to find the packets that have the wrong continuity counter #. This gives the packet number where the error occurred. For example,

    ERROR! packet: 188386 pid: 48 found: 9 expected: 10
    Complete, 321477 packets checked

    With this you can divide 188386 / 321477 and multiply that by the total length of the video and that gives you the approximate time of the video error, but it's not exact. Are there any tools that will analyze a transport stream file and give timestamps on when video errors occur. Ideally it would be something that checks for errors in the continuity counter field of the transport stream.
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