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  1. why does some mp4 files do not play in video js html5 player is this do with codecs?
    or could this be no structure i.e breaking max width and height
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  2. someone has suggested this could be the mp4 file not being streamable , how can one check if an mp4 file is streamable or not
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  3. mp4box -info file.mp4
    It will (not) say "File suitable for progressive download (moov before mdat)".

    If that is not the problem show MediaInfo log and upload a sample. Not every codec is supported. Usually H.264 Baseline or Main or High Profile with stereo AAC audio is expected for web in mp4 container. Or VP8 or VP9 with Vorbis or Opus audio in WebM container.
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    A file being 'streamable' depends on how you stream it, codecs, bandwidth, hardware/software, etc.
    But posting a MediaInfo text file for the video usually helps a lot to identify issues.

    Also what hardware/software are you using?

    And welcome to our forums.
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  5. Which "js html5" player, exactly? Once we get a name, we can see if it has a debug window, or error log, or something like that.
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