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  1. I've got an old version (2008) of WM Capture. Back in 2008, that program was interesting but basically useless because very few computers/internet had the power to play and record video streams without constant pausing and stuttering. Enter 2016, and even public library computers can screen capture videos without any problem.
    The WM Capture company has been making screen capture software for a long time, so I would think they have the best software to do this kind of thing. I was looking at the changelog for their versions, and I noticed around 2012 and later their software would capture HD video streams. Then they came out with another innovation that allows you to capture the video when the window is minimized. This is supposed to use less CPU power.
    Their latest version (trial ware) allows you to record for 2 minutes. Unfortunately, the newer versions won't work on the public library computers, (program crashes when trying to record) so I have no way to test it.
    My question is this: Does somebody have the new version of this software (pay or trial) on their computer? How well does it capture today's streaming (SD and HD) videos?
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  2. You could try Bandicam to record the screen.

    But if you want to capture streaming video I recommend Tubedigger.
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