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  1. I have some videos. Working example is my 720x576 video with the header telling to playback the video in 1024x576. It works. But when I change the value the video will be displayed in the same resolution, no matter what I type. I also haven't forgotten to save the header after editing it. Whats the problem?
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  2. Your video decoder might only be using the video bitstream value, not the container value. Solutions:
    - use LAV Splitter and LAV Video and set them to prefer container over video bitstream AR (should be the default)
    - use Haali Media Splitter
    Since Haali is not developed anymore I recommend LAV. You may need to run a filter tweaker to make WMP use LAV.

    There are also options to remove or alter the bistream ar info, at least for h.264.
    - in mkvooltnix: --engange remove_bitstream_ar_info
    - (special ffmpeg build, not updated, experimental)
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  3. I got it working with DVD Patcher. The problem was in the MPEG header and not in the MKV header. I had to extract the MPG file from the MKV with MKVExtractGUI-2 and in DVD Patcher I changed the aspect ratio to 16:9 and "Patch: Entire file". Here's a thread that helped me: Look at the last post.
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