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  1. I have some trouble compressing the audio stream in Virtualdub.
    I get an error message shows in image1.
    Playback of video and audio works.
    The original film date is according to VLC shows in image2
    I use Avisynth to open the video in Virtualdub.
    The .avs script is accepted by Windows Media Player (but not VLC).
    The annoying thing is, that it worked until I for another reason had to "fix" the codec settings (that problem solved).
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  2. Well, you need an ACM codec that accepts the input format or use VirtualDub's audio conversion/filters to convert to a format compatible with one of your codecs. What audio format do you want to convert to? For MP3 Lame ACM is most popular.

    But your source only has 192 kbit/s audio. That's only 80 MB per hour - usually not worth compressing further.
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  3. Lame was installed but I'm not sure it's visible for VD. It used to say MP3(Lame). Now it only says MP3.
    How do i check the installation of LaneMP3?
    I want to compress the audio to MP3 (due to some other playback issues).
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  4. There might be some problem with Lame MP3. Seems the 64 bit version's not there and I can't find instructions on how to install it on a Windows 10 64
    I found others recommending NOT to use VD 64 since the 32 bit version offers more codec.
    It might be right since it's been a while since I had to convert a video in this format and I switched to VD 64 ... I don't remember when. So maybe it actually newer worked in the 64.
    I guess I have to reinstall the VD 32 (witch fortunatly works on another mashine but I'll give it a day or 2 before I retreat
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  5. Note that VirtualDub 32 bit opens AviSynth 32 bit and VirtualDub 64 bit opens AviSynth 64 bit. I'm surprised you were able to open the script using VirtualDub 64 bit - the vanilla/official AviSynth is 32 bit only.
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  6. I installed an avisynth64_4-16-10
    Would you recommend I use 32 bit codec, avisynth and VD?
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  7. Usually you want to use the vanilla/"stable"/official versions unless you have a good reason not to, so: yes, probably. What is your reason for using the 64 bit version of AviSynth?
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  8. I tested the combination with all the 64 software and an .avi file and full audio cmpression worked
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  9. I reinstalled K-lite, deleted the Avisynth64 and Installed Avisynth32, deleted Virtualdub64 and installed Virtual32 again. This time Lame MP3 is an option.
    Unfortunatly with no result.
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  10. I have no idea what made the change but I made a K-lite codec backup from another mashine where everything workd fine and then I "restored" it on the troublesome PC.
    Voila! It works???
    Well... now I have to check up an the issues that first made me fiddle with settings.
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