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  1. HOWDY
    Attached is a method on how I was able to transfer all my MiniDV tapes to Digital Videos on my PC. It includes images of camera, tapes, transfer device and screen dumps. Please let me know if you try it and what you think of the method and especially if you have a problem. It took me quite a while to find this method, but I think it works well. Good luck and happy viewing.

    CPU Core i3, Win10, 16gb Ram, 1Tb HDD
    Image Attached Thumbnails HOW TO TRANSFER MiniDV Tapes to Digital.pdf  

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  2. Why you don't use DV link connection?
    Its digital connection and better quality

    Image Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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  3. roma_turok,
    Thanks for reading the post.
    I did try the DV-Link connection, but did not have any success with it. I will look at the link you supplied and see if that will work. Thanks for the tip.
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  4. roma_turok,

    Did not see anything in the link supplied that related to this post. Did you have another that relates to the DV link connection?
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  5. You need Firewire DV Cable like this
    and Firewire card like this if you have PC with PCI port free
    capture with software like WinDV
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  6. Roma_Turok

    ...You need Firewire DV Cable like this
    and Firewire card like this if you have PC with PCI port free
    capture with software like WinDV ...

    Yup...I have the same cable and a PC with Firewire connections. I tried a number of software programs, WinDV sounds familiar, it may have been one of them. If this setup worked for you, perhaps one or more of my settings was wrong. It may have been the Firewire since I have not used it in many years except to try this capturing method within the past year. Each combination of cable, connection and software I tried before my posted method gave me errors such as no signal or camera not found. However, now that I know someone else has tried it and was successful, it may be worth another looksee. It was successful, right?
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    miniDV tapes NEED to be transferred over firewire. any other method is unacceptable. over firewire the original format is preserved and you get an exact copy of what's on the tape.
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