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  1. Hello everybody,
    Most of mkv files muxed by MKVToolNix GUI 9.2.0 will result mkv files with AR 2.21:1, and that AR 21:1 played on tivi looks like theatre screen (feel watching a moive in theatre) and I like this AR.
    However, if using tsMuxer 2.6.12 to mux a mkv file with AR 2.21:1, it always results a file with AR 16:9 although already setting option AR 2.21:1 for tsMuxer.
    Anybody knows why?
    How to get a file with AR 2.21:1 by muxing tsMuxer 2.6.12?
    Please help!
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  2. Hello everyone!
    I need your help about this matter...
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  3. I muxed a 1920x1080 MPEG 2 video with the AR set to 2.2:1. It played back 2.2:1 in MPCHC, VLC, SMPlayer, KMPlayer, PotPlayer, and WMP. What does MediaInfo say about your video? For me it says 2.2:1 DAR.

    And just because you like 2.2:1 doesn't mean it's the correct AR for the video. If you don't use the right AR the video will be distorted.
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  4. Hi jagabo,
    I muxed a 1920x1080 mkv file by MKVToolNix GUI, played it on my tivi by Sony player. It gave AR 2.21:1.
    With the same file, I muxed it by tsMuxer (set AR 2.21:1 in tsMuxer) and it gave AR 16:9 when playing on my tivi.
    I tried to do same with other mkv files. Same results!
    It seems that setting AR 2.21:1 in tsMuxer does not work at all ?? tsMuxer can not create a movie with AR 2.21:1 ??
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  5. It probably does not work for H.264, only for MPEG-2 like jagabo tested.

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