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  1. Hi
    I need expert help please...
    I recently at start of the summer picked up a Canon XF105 camera and wish to find a good quality audio mic to go with it.

    I just shoot home family videos.

    The camera has XLR inputs so it can power a mic and wish to find one that will fit in the holder on the camera.

    I have used shotgun mics by rode before on other camera's and though the sound is good I dont really like them as dont pick up other family members voices around etc.
    I guess from looking around that a cardioid mic is best suited? Im open to any opinions as don't really know whats best.

    Thanks so much for any help everyone.
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  2. A super-cardiod mic like the Rode NTG1 offers a broadcast quality cardiod mic at a reasonable - but not cheap - price.

    Having said that, your other comment about not picking up other voices around sums up the ever present problem with recording speech.... To get really good dialogue recording, there is no substitute for getting the mic close to the source to be recorded.

    You'll see professionals always try and do that.. whether it's with handheld radio mics - tie clip mics - or cardiod shotguns on long boom poles... Anything that gets the mic close to the source of speech

    Mounting your mic on the camera and you're likely to be a bit disappointed with the results - even using a top quality cardiod shotgun - if you're more than a few feet from the source to be recorded...
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  3. Thanks so much. Will take a look at Rode NTG1 now.
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