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  1. Hi everyone!

    Just from one day to another, i couldn't use my Arrow Keys anymore. I really need them to adjust the transitions of my videos to the music. The problem seems to be in the Project-File. If I open up the same project on another PC, it doesn't work. If I create a new project, it works. Reinstalling Premiere Pro didn't fix my problem ether.

    See screenshot:

    Click image for larger version

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    Is there a way to set project settings to default? Or does anybody know how to fix my problem?

    Thanks in advance and cheers,

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  2. Creating a new sequence solved my problem (isn't the proper solution tho).

    Once I realized that the numbers displayed on my screenshot were "Audio Numbers" I was able to find this post, which might help somebody out (didn't help me tho):

    Still really annoying. If you have effects like "Warp Stabilizer" you have to set them again.
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