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  1. I don't know if you guys have seen this but Tom's Hardware got their hands on a "leaked" i7 7700k and did an overclocking "review":,4836.html

    Intel's new Kaby Lake CPU delivers on the clock speeds the company promised, but the power consumption and thermal characteristics were disappointing based on a leaked sample of the new chip we received and tested weeks ahead of its official launch.

    [Editor's Note: Intel declined to comment on our general findings. Although the CPU we received is not marked as an engineering part, we cannot confirm with certainty that it is a retail sample.]

    Intel’s Kaby Lake efficiency pretenses are thrown out the window in the Core i7-7700K, at least when paired with this motherboard. Perhaps we have something to look forward to when Z270 finally gets here?

    Overall this mini-review doesn't really make one look forward to Kaby Lake, the performance increase over Skylake is minute and it's overall efficiency seems lackluster, though it could be the chipset they were using.

    If there is one glimmer of hope it's this little tease:

    Other points of interest, such as built-in HEVC and VP9 8/10-bit encode/decode, may be revealed when our CPU team is able to publish their full review.

    Hardware 10 bit VP9 and HEVC encoding would certainly be a selling point, assuming of course we ever see consumer level software that actually makes full use of Quick Sync.

    Edit: Too bad there's no way to edit the title, I misspelled "reviewed".

    Also, ran across this:

    Looks like Intel will releasing an unlocked dual core with HT that runs at 4.2ghz, can be overclocked to unknown speeds; and will cost at launch under $180; as Legit Reviews asks:

    Could this be a sign that Intel is worried a little bit about AMD’s upcoming ZEN based processors?
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  2. zzzzzzzzz....wake me when they announce an extreme sku.
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