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  1. Title says pretty much all.

    I have a DvD and it is a tv show series. I just need the subtitle files from each episode. After doing some digging i've found that the subtitles on this disc can be ripped as a raw txt file without needing ocr, but the method is long and convoluted. I end up using handbrake to "rip" each episode in a 1x1 video and then extract the subtitles from each.

    Is there anyway to rip the raw subtitles without needing to rip each and every vob file? There are 61 episodes in total.

    Any help is appreciated.
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  2. raw txt file without needing ocr
    That is not possible.

    The subtitles on the DVD are image based.

    You can rip those into a pair of IDX/SUB files where the .sub file contains the images and the .idx file is a text file with info on how to display the images.

    You can rip those files with Vsrip from a decrypted version of the DVD on HDD or having AnyDVD runing in the background.
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  3. Thanks for advice i'll take a look at that later. Is it in anyway possible to rip the idx/sub files without ripping the entire the dvd to the hard drive each time? (it is copyprotected I realize that poses a challenge)

    Does AnyDVD allow this?

    I was able to rip them using this method but it ripped it as a 1.5 hour rip of the subtitles not the individual 22 minute episodes.

    Also they were directly ripped as .srt files not idx subs.
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    No, they were converted. DVD never contains SRT type files (except as a rare "extra" in a different folder).

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  5. DVD subtitles are graphics and require OCR. But DVD closed captions are text.


    It might work directly from DVDs with one of the background decrypters.
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    MakeMKV will create a .mkv video file and .sub / .idx for the subs
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