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    I've been searching the web for info on the newer versions of Quick Sync (Haswell, Skylake) and it seems very scarce to come by so I'm sharing some of it here

    For those encoding at TU4 or less (Haswell, Skylake), have a look at this comparison to previous versions. Essentially, it looks like the newer TU4 is equivalent to the previous generation TU1

    [Attachment 39712 - Click to enlarge]

    Attached below is the whitepaper from Intel where this image was taken from.

    Here is a newer article on Haswell performance:

    The information at Wikipedia seriously needs to updated:

    The eighth annual MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video codecs comparison showed that Quick Sync is comparable to x264 superfast preset in terms of speed, compression ratio and quality (SSIM);[4] tests were performed on an Intel Core i7 3770 (Ivy Bridge) processor.
    One thing I can't find, so far, is whether there are any differences in Quick Sync implementation between the IPG within the same generation.
    For instance, what are the differences between the Intel Core i3-6300 and the Intel Core i7-6700K graphics/QS. Both have the same HD 530 graphics/core.

    Will add more info soon...

    Any help with corrections or additional info is greatly appreciated...
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