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    After some study, help and suggestions. For many years we have had satellite Russian language TV with DVR recorder. When traveling we take the DVR to watch the programs on hotel tv or our travel tv. No more Russian TV on that provider, so I want to change to watch bestrussiantv or some such streaming internet provider. Originally, I wanted to download to an external hard drive then travel with that. However, the downloadables does not appear plentiful. At home we have high speed internet. While traveling, we do not. I thought maybe a streaming media player recorder which had an external hard drive but did not find such. With that, I could just switch hard drives and continue to record assuming that the player had timers etc. I don't know what way to go here. Call that an uneducated guess. I travel with one notebook which could play through an hdmi cable I have for it. Two computers, media player software, recorder, my head hurts, help.
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    Choice will largely depend on the source. For example, if it's OTA TV, you need a device that can tune the channel and then record. Transporting the recordings, also depends on the source and then how it was recorded. If you are simply dealing with streaming media, then you may or may not be able to simply capture the broadcasts for use later.

    It all boils down to your current source. After you know what that will be, we can try to offer a solution.
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