Fengtao software introduced the 1st official release of its all-new DVDFab 10 with more new features:

New: Completely redesigned user interface.
New: Added the support to change UI skins.
New: Added the blazing fast cloud decryption service for DVDs.
New: Added the all-new conversion engine in Ripper and Converter modules for 64-bit systems.
New: Added the support to set the online movie poster of the loaded DVD/Blu-ray as UI background.
New: Introduced the all-new task manager for easier task management.
New: Introduced the all-new DVDFab Mini that allows users to get tasks done with the least steps possible.
New: Introduced the archived task feature to save the tasks should the program crash or quit unexpectedly.
New: Introduced the all-new DVDFab Remote app that allows users to check real-time task status of DVDFab on smart phones.
New: Improved the MKV conversion process for better playback compatibility.
New: Completely redesigned operational logics for a better user experience.
New: Added the support to remove the Cinavia watermarks found on Monk Comes Down the Mountain, Nebraska and Midnight in Paris.

Learn More: http://www.dvdfab.cn/dvdfab10.htm?ad=vh