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    I'm ripping some seasons on dvd (full DVD-9 no compression), I put the option to split at 1 gb the .vob files. But I noticed one things. Some DVD gave me this king of result:

    VTS_01_4 etc

    and some DVDs

    VTS_02_2 etc

    like if the structure of some dvds is everything in one piece splitted OR episode splitted. Is there a way to obtain the 2nd result ? like episodic type instead of one big .vob splitted ?


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  2. Originally Posted by kalemvar1 View Post
    Is there a way to obtain the 2nd result ?
    If you have one like the first example and you want to come out like the second example, then no, not without some major work on your part. And then the original menus won't work as they did originally, also not without major work. You'd have to reauthor the entire thing.

    Now, if you don't care about making a functioning DVD with the episodes split as you asked, then PGCDemux can (usually) split the VOBs by episode. But that won't make a DVD. You might do that if intending to convert the episodes to a different format.
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    Look at 'What is a dvd' at the top of this page. Your disks are not stored as 'one big vob' but are split and titlesets and vobs. The maximum size of a vob is .99 meg so you are getting exactly what is on the disk.
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