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    I would like to demux audio tracks from few movies I have, I tried various software to do so like eac3to317 or MKVToolNixGui but the best I can reach for DTS-HD is 1536 kbps and no luck for TrueHD, they both want to convert it to .ac3.

    Is there a way to fully extract/demux TrueHD/DTS-HD without any lost ?


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  2. eac3to 3.17 is seven years old. Upgrade to latest (3.31) and try again. If it doesn't work as expected post your command-line and the eac3to log.
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    Popcorn MKV Audio converter will convert TrueHD to DTS
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  4. Place HdBrStreamExtractor.exe in the eac3.31 folder then extract as you wish.
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