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  1. For reasons that baffle me, Potplayer doesn't always create thumbnails for bookmarks — the kind which should be visible when invoking the bookmarks index using the H key. Though they are properly numbered and work fine, some bookmarks simply fail to generate these captured frames when created using the P key.

    Bookmarks do arrear, though considerably smaller, in the Edit Bookmarks window and when thumbnails are specified for display on the Navigation Bar, but I assume these are not saved. Rather, Potplayer is generating them on the fly. It also appears that only a limited number of edits can be made in the Edit Bookmarks window before Potplayer becomes confused and displays an incorrect video's bookmarks, and eventually crashing.

    Is there currently a limit on the number of bookmarks Potplayer can retain in a particular video, or system wide? Or is it something else I'm missing?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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