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  1. I been searching online for 2 hours and still can't find the answer I'm looking for. I'm simply trying to extract one thumbnail frame from a DVD menu that I would like to use for my own DVDs. From the reading I've done, it seemed like PgcEdit could do it, but I can't figure out how to do it even with the handy manual that comes with the software.

    Does anyone have an idea of how to do this?
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  2. You can usually do it using SubRip. Go File->Open VOB->Open Dir and load the VTS containing the menu from which you want to grab the button. By default it'll give you the video VOBs but you want the menu VOB, so uncheck and check what's appropriate. Also tick 'Save SubPictures as BMP'. In the little jigsaw puzzle piece picture choose your output format (graphical) and choose SST. 'Convert To This Format'. Back to the main screen and hit 'Start'. Give them a name and in the next screen you'll get a lot of choices which you probably won't need to do anything with, so hit 'Okay'. Check the results to see if it's what you want.

    I'm using an old SubRip version 0.98.
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  3. You can also use DVDSubEdit to save the subpicture of a menu.

    However I doubt that's what you want? Maybe more like taking a screen dump of the menu and use the "thumbnail frame" as part of the background for your own menu.
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  4. Right, DVDSubEdit. And it's probably easier to use as well. The impression I get is that Traction557 wants the full subpic and he'll cut out the button for use in his own projects. But I could easily be wrong about that.
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  5. Thank you for the quick replies. Yes, I want to have a specific thumbnail frame used in an already authored DVD for my own DVDs. I used Subrip and followed your instructions manono. What I get is the first picture. It's just the outline

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Menu screen jpeg.jpg
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    What I want is this frame below:

    How do I get from picture A to picture B (minus the bedtime screen)?
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  6. What software will you use to make the DVD?

    (minus the bedtime screen)?
    Do you mean like this?

    Name:  menu screen 4.png
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  7. Yes! How'd you do that?
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  8. Downloaded our picture B.
    Opened it in Photoshop and created two identical layers.
    Deleted everything on the background layer.
    Used "Quick selection tool" to delete part of front layer.
    Saved as .PNG

    .PNG supports alpha channels (transparent)

    But this doesn't make it a button on a DVD menu. Just an image that can be used on a menu.

    You could use something like GIMP to do it.
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  9. The black shapes in the picture contain the buttons. The curtains and window frame are part of the menu screen and have nothing to do with the buttons.
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  10. Ok, I guess I should have asked how to extract a part of the menu screen and not mentioned buttons.

    And there's no way to extract just that piece of the menu? I would like a perfect copy of that curtain frame picture.
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  11. And there's no way to extract just that piece of the menu?

    What you want is part of a menu background. The menu may be a "still" menu or a "motion menu". You'll need to edit out the part you want.

    I think you got three options to get an image to edit from.

    1. Play the DVD on a computor and use a program like Screen Shot Capture to get an image.

    2. Use a player like VLC to take a "Snapshot"

    3. Make an image from your menu.

    would like a perfect copy of that curtain frame picture]
    Then you'll need an image editor image editor to make the picture. Like Photoshop or GIMP.
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  12. I have one more question about this.

    That curtain image is from a software called Tsunami DVD Author and I had to upgrade to a newer version due to its incompatibility with Windows 7. The newer version doesn't have that curtain thumbnail. I have the installation disc somewhere ... is it possible to just get that image from the installation disc so I could use it with the newer software?
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  13. You could browse that disc to see if they have a file called extras or something like that. If the thumbnail is buried in the program code itself then you would have a really hard time finding it. Most likely, that thumbnail photo is in a separate directory but have a look.
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