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  1. I have searched but i haven't found anything other than to try other converters, but this is the only converter that works with my dvd player .

    so the problem is Whenever there is a action scene it stutters. the preset i used is the Home Theatre preset and i also tried the mobile preset for my phone and its the same thing .
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  2. Stuttering could be caused by several things. I'd recommend trying AutoGK. I encoded with it for years and it never created an AVI I couldn't play with the variety of DVD players I've owned or used over the years. When you install it, choose the ESS hardware compatibility option for maximum DVD player compatibility. It'll encode with Xvid, but might be able to use the Divx encoder if the correct type is installed. If you're not worried about file size, choose "Target Quality" as the encoding method. A quality anywhere between 70 and 100 percent should look good. Leave everything in auto mode under the Advanced Settings button (although you could try selecting DivX if you prefer, open an IFO file and convert.

    Xvid doesn't do any bitrate limiting in single pass mode. If there's still stuttering, choose a decent file size instead of "Target Quality" mode and try again. That runs 2 pass encoding and Xvid can limit the bitrate. AutoGK will try to adjust a few things if need be to keep the quality as high as possible, but if it still produces a stuttering file, there's probably something wrong with your DVD player.

    AutoGK doesn't let you select Xvid/DivX profiles. It sets the appropriate profile according to the hardware compatibility option you selected. For ESS, it'll use the Home Theatre profile. AutoGK won't open a full DVD as such, it generally has to be ripped correctly, but give AutoGK a spin and if you need further assistance, someone should be able to help you.
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  3. The program that you told me does not support the file type im converting which are mp4. And also i forgot to mention that i mostly use a usb to play my movies. And it also stutters on my pc and not only on my dvd player or on any other devices infact. keep in mind this is the converted movie im talking about and not the original which is 100% stutter free
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  4. There are many reasons why a video may stutter. You'll have to provide a sample of the source and an encoded video that shows the problem. But it's likely that Divx Converter can't handle your source properly. Try Handbrake or VidCoder.
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  5. Hey sorry for the wait, i tried handbrakes and i it didnt had a preset for which i can use so i tried matching the settings close to divx and it didnt came out very well , but i did went back to divx converter and i enable the 2pass option and it worked thanks for the help
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