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  1. How can I remove all the ads which occur when loading KMPlayer ?
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    Most likely un-install it and do a custom install if it permits that and un-check any undesirable ads or similar 'extras'.

    EDIT: I also saw this post in the comments section of the player on our 'Tools/Software' page.
    Unknown if this works, but if all else fails...

    "Make a Kmplayer portable with no ads:
    - extract installer with 7zip.
    - delete all the folders that start with $
    - make a folder named Logo, place inside an empty file named Index.htm
    - start Kmplayer and select to save setings to ini file."
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  3. Redwudz - That didn't work, same ads appear when starting KMPlayer.
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  4. Time to move on, how about MPC-BE ...
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  5. I want all the bookmark functionality of KMPlayer which includes saving bookmarks even when KMPlayer is closed.
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