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  1. hi people,thanks for letting me join...when i try to convert an mkv file .i get a brilliant picture..but the sound always remains in stereo,even though on my LG tv,it says 5.1.0 input audio...and on my onkyo amp it says dolby digital 5.1 surround sound...bit still no sound from the rears...everythings fine with DTS..and BD Discs...i have tried ...wodershare video converter...pavtube...handbrake and many other but still the same result...???.this happens both with streaming from my P.C.using PLEX...and if i put a movie on a usb stick...i think all my equipments fine...AAAARGH.what am i doing wrong....many thanks in advance...
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  2. 1. Show a MediaInfo analysis of your mkv file.
    2. What LG TV model?
    3. Are you sure the movie you are testing actually uses the rear speaker? Try a sample that is known to use all speakers (click the image to download).
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  3. hi thanks ...the tv model is amp is a ONKYO TX-NR 636..if i stream or play a movie with DTS...everythings great..full surround...if i convert with the afore mentioned programs ...stereo only..even though my amp and tv are telling me its...5.1....
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  4. the media info says the audio is A_AC3...also tried with AAC same results....
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  5. just tried the helicopter amazing full front and back surround...
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    Originally Posted by lupin5 View Post
    the media info says the audio is A_AC3...also tried with AAC same results....
    Don't tell us what you think we want to know, SHOW US. The whole, detailed debug info.

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  7. not really sure how to do that im afraid...anyway found a new conversion program called...hd video converter factory pro..and it works an absolute full DTS now...
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