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  1. I searched but didn't see what I needed. Forgive me if this is on another stream.
    I have video of a car going down a road at an unknown speed. I recorded 5 videos of vehicles at known speeds on the same section:
    1) How do I take the original and 2 other videos, line them up so I can compare speeds?
    2) What programs will do this? Easiest to use? Cheapest?
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  2. Load each video in VirtualDub (or any video program that lets you step frame-by-frame)
    Count the video frames as each car passes two fixed points.
    Elapsed time = (frame count) / (frames-per-second)
    The rest is simple math.
    (this only works if your camera is stationary)
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  3. First use MediaInfo (View -> Text) and export the result (Alt+E, Text) and attach to a post to tell if constant or variable framerate is used.
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