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  1. Hey guys!

    I just used x264 Encoder r2721 10bit and it was encoded successfully. But after muxing with MKVtoolnix, this is the error I received in Mkvtoolnix -

    " This AVC/h.264 track's timing information indicates that it uses a variable frame rate. However, no default duration nor an external timecode file has been provided for it, nor does the source container provide timecodes. The resulting timecodes may not be useful."

    I never received it while muxing x265. How can it be solved?
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  2. It is not an "error" in the narrower sense, just a warning that something might be wrong (but often isn't). You probably used x264.exe's direct file input(ffms2/lavf). If you do that x264 will flag the file as variable framerate even if it may in fact be cfr. If you know for a fact your source is cfr use --fps or --force-cfr. I recommend --fps to prevent odd source framerates from being copied into the output file. Mkvmerge can also force the cfr flag after the fact using --fix-bitstream-timing-information.
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