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  1. What is a good wired headworn mic? Preferably something which can be used with a typical consumer camcorder. I'm thinking a mic which requires 48V phantom power won't necessarily work with a consumer camcorder.

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  2. It's unusual for a headband mic to need phantom power ... most use permanently polarised capsules (electret) and only require camcorder 'plug in power'....

    Quality wise they seem to fall into 3 ranges...PULSE offer a range around $50 ...the RODE HS2 is around $300 - and the 'pro' DPA 4088 will set you back around $600....

    With this kind of mic, it's often the 'law of diminishing returns'......the more expensive mics are obviously better, but probably by not as much as you might think........and if you're plugging directly into a consumer camcorder, then the quality of the internal mic preamps probably won't justify spending out a lot of cash...
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  3. Thank you for the useful information.
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  4. The Pulse Audio link above has changed. Here is their microphone page:
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